Advisor Centre

Advisor Centre


At UCAN our services are designed to help you. We process our student applications for all Universities and Colleges giving students the choice, matching student profile given their academic commitments. We are official representative to many universities and colleges and we ensure that the institutions our students apply for are fully accredited and reputed. Once students come to UCAN, they get the best services and each of our students are catered to personally and professionally. Some of our services include:

  • Guidance and Information
  • Travel Plan
  • Immigration Support
  • Migration Support
  • Passport and Visas


At UCAN our students benefit from range of services:

  • Our students get correct information about studying and living in the country of their choice, timely processing their application to the chosen university/college, information on visa processing, pre-departure information and much more….
  • We update application status via SMS & Email.




We will guide you: AT UCAN our career guidance team is always willing to help and guide you. We not only guide our students to plan their education, but also direct their ideas towards career planning, which is the ultimate goal for them. By providing counseling and guidance with expertise and experience, we help our students to consider various options and guide them in the right direction. This will enhance value for their education, thus strengthening their approach for a stable and successful career. UCAN professionals have impressive industry experience and this experience will help our students choose right career options. We also maintain comprehensive data, which is updated regularly to provide our students with crucial information on the opportunities, scope, prospects, and financial rewards in their field of work.

Choose your country: We will help you choose your dream country. 
It is very important that we place our students on the right course at the right level at a right institution and, more importantly, in the right country. Students often get lost in the onslaught of information provided to them but at UCAN we provide you with unbiased information on all the countries and guide you in the right direction.  To help you make your choice, we also provide detailed comparison of those countries, which will help you to decide yourself. We will also guide you in choosing the right country in relation to the choice of program, level, and career opportunities.

Choose your course: We will help you choose the right course for you. Students often get confused 
when they see thousands of courses, with multiple specializations and unlimited options, and it is difficult for them to make the right choice. UCAN’s expertise will make all the difference for you in this aspect. We have comprehensive database and up-to-date information on all the courses at various levels in all the countries. We will only suggest to you the course once we are satisfied when we speak to you in detail and after careful consideration of your academic background, your preference and your future plans and career options.

At UCAN, you are always on the right track on a right course!

Choose your University/College: We will help you to find the right college/university that matches your profile. 
It is very important that you are placed on right institute to meet your needs. It is very easy to get lost searching for universities/colleges from more than 3500 universities in the USA, 132 in the UK, and 39 in Australia, and thousands of colleges globally. At UCAN we continuously update our database of all the universities and programs. We also research information on these universities and colleges to find out what is right for you. We are confident in our service; we help our students to choose the right university/college, the right program, at their level of study.

Personal Statement Assistance: 
Most of the universities/college will require a personal statement from a student before they can be considered on a programme. This may be decisive admission document for you to get enrolled. If your statement is well written, universities/colleges may overlook a few minor deficiencies and make a positive decision; likewise you may be rejected if you write your statement badly. At UCAN we can guide you and if necessary, review your statement, assess the content, and suggest any changes to make sure they are suitable for applicants’ purpose.

Personal Reference: Along with your personal statement you will also need to supply two references from your tutor. At UCAN we can assist our students in choosing appropriate references. Please speak to our team as references depend on individual circumstances.

Entry Requirement and Admission: 
There are several official procedures to follow in order to complete your admission process, for example, application deadlines, English requirement, fees and payment options, and many more. Please speak to our team to find out about your entry requirement and admission procedure.

Visa Guidance and Support: We encourage our students to be confident while applying for visa. We understand applying for visa can be daunting for some. It is very easy to get rejected due to lack of proper information and with wrong guidance or misleading information, applications may be denied despite students being accepted by a university/college.

At UCAN, we make sure that you succeed in getting your visa! We pay attention to details and our professional approach and guidance will improve the chances of our students obtaining their visa. We follow guidelines according to the embassy.

Our team will update you on any immigration changes and provide you latest information on:

  • Visa application procedures according to embassy guidelines
  • Relevant documents required for visa interview
  • Guidance on financial matters
  • Interview preparation through mock interview sessions with anticipated questions and any other suggestion for your interview


At UCAN, we like you to succeed; we will help you to make your dreams come true!


Education loans:

At UCAN we can help our students and provide information on educational loans given by Banks in Nepal, their procedures, interest rates, and requirements. We can suggest a bank that may offer education loans.


Travel Arrangements:

Starting a new life in a new country can be seem daunting; at UCAN we try to make it as easy and as hassle-free as possible for you. We aim to take care of everything for you and we are committed to meet all your individual requirements. At UCAN we provide services that will meet your needs. We assist you in finding the best airfare for your journey by working with reputed travel agents to make sure you get the value and hassle-free service. We also offer assistance with:

  • Discounted and affordable Air Ticketing and Courier Services
  • Foreign Exchange Requirements
  • Internal Travel Arrangements
  • Airport Pickups, etc., including ticket booking, seat/meal preference, advanced seat requests, finding economical airfares.


Pre-Departure Briefing:

At UCAN we arrange Pre- Departure Orientation sessions to all our students after they receive their visa. We encourage students to bring their parents when they attend our pre-departure orientation session. This will give you an opportunity to meet other students who are enrolled at the same university/college or same country. You will also have opportunity to meet other students’ parents and share your experience. We also invite our students studying abroad who may be on holiday to come during orientation where you will be able to ask them questions you may have. This will help you acclimatise in your destination country.



When you obtain your visa some countries will require you to have your insurance. At UCAN we can help you arrange for local and medical insurance. Please speak to a member of our team if you need any help.



At UCAN we can give you valuable advice on the types of accommodation to suit your individual needs and within your budget.


Post Departure Services:

Our service doesn’t stop after your departure. We have offices or contacts in USA, UK, and Australia. Our staff are eager to help you when you land. We can help you with airport pick-up, assistance in obtaining temporary accommodation, local help with the universities, and any other issues. We will help and guide you to settle to the new environment smoothly, by providing you with invaluable first-hand information about various aspects of life abroad such as:

  • Advise on finding right accommodation
  • The purchasing of household items that you may need
  • Getting a part-time job, types of job and hours you are allowed to work
  • Help in socializing with community and knowing their culture
  • Practical advise on living alone, with friends or on a shared basis
  • Obtaining a driving license
  • Advise on Local transportation or buying your own vehicle
  • Advise on immigration and work permits
  • Last but not the least “Do’s and Don’ts” in a foreign country