Who We Are ?

Who We Are ?


UCAN - Recruiting with integrity

"UCAN is one of the fastest emerging Nepalese companies exclusively specializing in overseas education services."

UCAN offers a broad portfolio of excellently managed services from pre-admission to post-landing, services tailored to the needs of each individual student seeking overseas education. UCAN’s unique business model is in providing one-stop solutions and services to make a student’s transition into a new land completely hassle-free.


Its core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice in pursuing their education at overseas institutions. We provide guidance regarding overseas education in various countries around the globe, including The United Kingdom, The United States of America, and Australia.


UCAN Consultants is a solution-oriented firm, with a single minded approach to tailoring career paths to suit individual profiles, taking into consideration such circumstances as  educational abilities, financial concerns, or personal questions.


UCAN Consultants came into existence in 2011 when its promoters found that a large section of students were getting inadequate information for pursuing their careers, particularly if they wanted to go overseas for higher education. Hence, they set up a counseling division for the students, which provided pathways to various educational opportunities around the globe. Starting from UK counseling, UCAN Consultants now has representation of elite Institutions worldwide.


Further, looking at the difficulties being faced by students seeking to obtain a visa, UCAN Consultants realized the value and importance of opening its unique visa division. This is a service unique to UCAN and offers support and guidance in many aspects of the process of procuring a visa, including Finance, Personal/Confidence Development, Interview Preparation—to name just a few—all under the guidance of experienced counselors.  Service of this quality is what makes UCAN Consultants the choice most students opt for to begin their career pathway.


With an incredible success rate, UCAN Consultants is today one of the leading overseas education consultancy firms in Nepal, with a network of associate offices in various cities in Nepal.


We provide quality guidance and follow ethical procedures. We dispel all the myths usually associated with 'Study Abroad’ and have brought the concept of overseas education to the doorstep of every student, making it affordable and devoid of cumbersome procedures. Sharing our vast experiences and maintaining a vast database in the field is the secret of giving the right counselling to each student who approaches us.


We are proud to be Highly Trusted Representatives to leading Universities and Colleges around the globe. These institutions offer a full range of programs for international students, from undergraduate to postgraduate, providing qualification in every discipline. As overseas studies consultants, we provide a quality, holistic service. Our main objective is to have strong “support line” between the student and the college/university. Our work continues with the student and the institution even after the student has successfully enrolled.


In addition, we are well aware that visa application procedures are often complex and demanding. We assist students wishing to make their dreams come true by providing successful Visa Consultancy for all the countries. Complete advice on financial matters and interview briefings is provided by the financial and visa experts of our organisation. 


We work with several leading universities and institutions in the USA, UK, and Australia in order to facilitate a smoother and easier admission process for our students. UCAN’s strength is its state-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with immense experience in the industry. It is a one-stop destination for all students desirous of going abroad for further studies.


UCAN’s goal is to be the driving force in conquering distant horizons and to sharpen its expertise in all its activities. UCAN, an emerging giant in the field of overseas education, It aims to rigorously and actively promote foreign education in every city of Nepal.


The core team that formed UCAN includes highly educated, widely traveled professionals who have international exposure. With its corporate office in the vibrant city of Kathmandu in Nepal, UCAN is spreading its wings by starting operations throughout the world, establishing offices in the US, the UK, and Australia. UCAN has its own offices and has recruited top management with qualifications from UK, American and Australian universities.


UCAN is a fusion of values and abilities. Diversity is our cornerstone and our employees reflect our commitment to work across cultures. A combination of extensive experience, global presence, in-depth industry knowledge and strong dedication to help students from Nepal enables us to provide result-oriented career solutions. UCAN has a panel of advisors and experts who have the latest knowledge on overseas education and accurate foresight on future trends. This expertise in the field gives us a solid edge propelling UCAN to be the undisputed leader in overseas education services.


“We deliver comprehensive solutions with a careful understanding of students’ needs and aspirations of moving ahead in education and life”


At UCAN our clients benefit from free Counseling, Guidance, and Information services. UCAN simultaneously strives to be one of the leading Education Consultancies and the most outstanding Professional Consultancy in Nepal. As leaders in our field we seek to maintain the highest levels of merit in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and understanding.


UCAN provides its students with international education opportunities through its partner Universities, Institutes, and Colleges around the world.  Our professional counselors are committed to not only helping students achieve the highest scholarly levels but also prepare them for new experiences in a variety of cultural settings.


Through its professional counseling and guidance UCAN seeks to fulfill its motto: “Open your world: to education, to experience, to excellence.”  We are flexible and responsive to the needs of our students and parents and provide counseling and guidance of the highest caliber.


The trust and esteem we’ve earned in professional circles, as well as from our students, is of fundamental importance. We provide counseling for a large number of students every month and believe that relationships with the educational Institutions must be based on mutual respect which leads to beneficial long-term partnerships.


UCAN CONSULTANTS - offers Free Career Counselling. There are immense avenues for employment after graduation. Ensuring students are successful back in their own country is one of our primary aims. They are expertly equipped to guide our prospective students in deciding their career pathways.