Facilities for Staff

Facilities for Staff


We value our staff and offer them a range of facilities. Please refer to our Staff Handbook for further details.

Working hours

Contractual working hours for full-time staff are 42 hours per week, or 48 hours for manual workers.

You may occasionally be required to work evenings and weekends depending on the nature of your job, in which case you may be offered time off in lieu or an overtime payment, depending on your contract. 
Managers may be required to undertake evening duty during student enrolment.


If the job you are applying for is advertised on a scale with a salary range, you will usually start at the lower end of the scale. If you can provide evidence of higher level earnings in a previous job, you will be placed on the next available point within the range, however, we are not able to exceed the salary range that is offered.

Your salary will be paid on the last Friday of each month into your bank account.

Probationary period

There will be a probationary period of 6 months, during which time there will be at least three meetings with your line manager who will review your progress and assess your suitability for the post. UCAN reserves the right to extend the probationary period if necessary.

Line management and appraisal scheme

All staff are entitled to regular one-to-one line management meetings with their manager at least once every three months. You will also have an annual appraisal. Together with your line manager, you will assess your progress, set targets for the following year, and agree any training needs you may have.

Exclusivity of service

Whilst you are employed by UCAN you should not undertake any other form of employment which may interfere or conflict with your duties, unless you have written consent by the management. You should also not disclose any official /personal information to others without permission from the management.


If you are absent from work due to an injury or sickness, you must comply with UCAN sickness procedures.

Notice periods

The notice period is usually three calendar months for management staff and one calendar month for other staff.


UCAN has a no smoking policy.